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~Is there any background Images that you want to use? This one...

-Do you want the image repeated everywhere, not repeated, repeated horizontally, or repeated vertically… um…I guess just repeat it so the whole lay out looks like a bigger version of that…if that makes sense

-Where do you want the image if its not repeated everywhere? See above

-Do you want the image to scroll with the text? What ever looks best

~Do you want your hyper links to glow, blur, or wave? Blur

~Do you want your recent entry boxes lines to be dotted, dashed, double, or solid lined? What color? Dashed – Red

~What do you want your comment links to say? Do you want them to be normally placed, bottom center, or on the left side? I would like my comment thing to say "Who heart’s me" "1 person hears me" "3 people heart me" and I am thinking bottom Center would be neat-o

~Anything else? Nope thats good...Thanks a bunch!!!!!


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