Yasmine (_wastedbreath_) wrote in premade_layouts,

Thank you!!!

- Background Image: http://www.iownjoo.com/freeimghost/candy_thief9/kum&go.jpg

- Image: not repeated

- Where do you want the image: left

- Do you want the image to scroll with the text: no

- Hyper links: blur

- Recent entry boxes lines: solid, dark blue

- Comment links: To leave a comment - Unnoticed, Number of comments left - has noticed me. normally placed.

- Anything else?
Text box: right
Font type: Arial 10
Font colour: red
Background colour: white

- Email address: psychotic_candy_@hotmail.com

Awesome community. I will for sure credit. thanks so much!. oh and befoer you work on this, these layotus can be used for free users, right? i hope!

Much Love! <3
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