perfect nothing (strivetobe) wrote in premade_layouts,
perfect nothing

~Is there any background Images that you want to use?
-Where do you want the image if its not repeated everywhere? Placed to left (entries to the right)
-Do you want the image to scroll with the text? No
~Do you want your hyper links to glow, blur, or wave? Blur
~Do you want your recent entry boxes lines to be dotted, dashed, double, or solid lined? What color? Dashed, preferably.. the lines to be thin.. kinda like you guys have on the community layout. Black
~What do you want your comment links to say? Do you want them to be normally placed, bottom center, or on the left side? I want them to say what they say now, but preferably centered.
~Anything else? If you guys could, The double border that's around the picture, if you guys could change the color of it.. I would like it to be #FF6699. If not, just let me know.. so I can make some minor changes in my request. Also, if you could extend the border out to go around the whole page... that would be awesome.
~Email address:

Thanks in advance for all your help!

I'll be sure to credit in info!
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