we're here only to lose (make_it_bleed) wrote in premade_layouts,
we're here only to lose

I know, this cumminity is closed, Im just dumb.

~Is there any background Images that you want to use? Provide a URL. No, Just White

~Do you want your hyper links to glow, blur, or wave? Blur Gray
~Do you want your recent entry boxes lines to be dotted, dashed, double, or solid lined? What color? Dashed..Gray
~What do you want your comment links to say? Do you want them to be normally placed, bottom center, or on the left side? To post a comment: Standing on their Own
Read Comments: Feels like they are
and for the placment- The center.

~Anything else? Entries in the middle. and font color black and size 8. Possibly 10 entires per page.

Email- GCLover14617@cs.com

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