$ |_| 5 @ /\/ (blankeysmyhero) wrote in premade_layouts,
$ |_| 5 @ /\/

hey...i hope this can be made for me. and i hope i did this all right...tell me if i didnt.

-Background Image: http://www.geocities.com/blankeysmyhero/meflippinred.JPG

- Image: not repeated

- Where do you want the image: left

- Do you want the image to scroll with the text: no

- Hyper links: blur

- Recent entry boxes lines: dotted and pink

- Comment links: just regular...post a comment and then #of comments

- Anything else?
Text box: right
Font type: Arial 8
Font colour: pink
Background colour: black

thanks so much and ill be sure to credit u in my info!
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